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Episode 31

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Whether you like it or not, social media is a part of daily life now. It’s a standard form of communication now. Our opinions about social media, don’t change the truth of what it is. We know there’s lots of bad stuff that social media presents. We also know that there’s a lot of good stuff that social media offers. There are nearly 3 billion people on Facebook; over 2 billion people on YouTube, Instagram and WhatsApp; and more than 1 billion on TikTok, and growing. Where there are people, there are challenges, and there are opportunities. How are we as Christians, supposed to respond to this ever-changing dynamic of life? 


That’s the question we address on this episode of the Bread & Beats Mixshow. Some Christians will tell you that social media is trash from the devil, and to stay away. Some Christians will tell you that social media is a mission’s field, filled with people that are ripe for the Gospel. Which is it? Are we right for separating from social media? Are we right for using it as a ministry platform? Believe it or not, the Bible answers this question, and we’re here to deliver! If you’ve ever wondered what role social media might play in ministry, in end times prophecy, or how you should handle it in your personal daily life, Brandon and James go through the scriptures to give an honest presentation of the scriptures, to explain God’s perspective about this stuff. 


While the guys talk, James lays down a downtempo, lo-fi, jazzy hip hop continuous DJ set to make the vibe nice. If you’re a fan of Mark Farina’s Mushroom Jazz style, you’ll be vibing out to this discussion for sure. Here’s the track list:


  1. Buckshot LeFonque – Breakfast Denny’s

  2. Inland Knights  – 12 Till 8

  3. Gangstarr – Zonin’

  4. Emapea – Just Chill

  5. INI – Wonderlust

  6. Freddie Joachim – Backyards

  7. J-Dilla – Sometimes Dilla Remix

  8. Joey Chavez – Reservation For One

  9. MF Doom – Doomsday

  10. O Cee – M.O.G.

  11. Non Phixion – Black Helicopters

  12. Funky DL – Sapporo Summer

  13. Median Green – Crosstown Beef

  14. J. Caprice– Helping Hand

  15. Common – The Light

  16. The Jazzual Suspects – Ba Dada

  17. Emapea – The Groove


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