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Episode 36

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It was only a matter of time until the issue came up. Since we answer Bible questions that relate to real-life issues, we couldn’t go long until someone asked this question, about one of the touchiest, most controversial, and emotionally-fueled issues in the United States right now. The 2022 election enabled American citizens to publicly declare their stance on abortion-related issues, especially in California. The question we’re answering today, deals with this issue at the root. When does life actually begin? Rather than looking at the flawed perspective of politicians and bureaucrats, we’re looking to the words of the One who authored all life, sustains all life, and governs all life. 


Though this subject is usually addressed through the lens of extreme biases, delivered with intense emotion, we’re going to try and take the bias and emotion out of the conversation, and just present the truth as it’s written. More importantly, we’re here to help people see this issue from the perspective that God sees this issue through. In this episode, we’re hoping to share the truth of God’s Word concerning this issue, to help both the Christian, and the non-Christian. Hear us out…


Since this is a sensitive subject, we’re changing up the music style in the background. This time, b.Side goes back to his old electronic music roots, and serves up a nice liquid drum & bass set. Here’s the play list, to ease your mind while we discuss truth:


  1. Doc Scott – Tokyo Dawn – Good Lookin’ Records

  2. Voyager – Hypersleep (Eat Me Edit) – In Order To Dance

  3. Alix Perez, Icicle, Switch – This Is How – Shotgun Audio

  4. Cnof – Talk To Me – Fokuz Recordings

  5. Catz `n Dogz – New Love (Satl Remix) – Pets Recordings

  6. Switch – Documents – Fokuz Recordings

  7. SD – 1997 – Dispatch Recordings

  8. Tryangle – The Tree – Jazzsticks Records 

  9. Skuff – Camp Fire Confessions – Beats In Mind

  10. Macca, Loz Contreras – Leave Me Alone – Future Retro Records

  11. Monument Banks – Regent’s Canal – Fokuz Recordings


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