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Episode 40


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DJ Havcutz

The music was a bridge for generations and cultures, where I was able to connect to people, and build relationships...

DJ's Perspective
Record Player

You know the times have changed, when one of your favorite DJ’s, drops the ORIGINAL song that was sampled by an iconic Hip-Hop track, and the crowd does not respond! 


In a recent video, I watched on TikTok DJ Jazzy Jeff dropped the original sample (Quincy Jones – Kitty With The Bent Frame) to Mobb Deep’s, “Shook Ones Part II” at a music festival he was playing. It was kind of funny because, I could see myself as soon as the loop dropped. If I wasn’t already at the front of the DJ booth, I would of IMMEDIATLY made my way thru the crowd, with Incredible Hulk-like-strength and determination, to give Jeff props. Jeff went ahead and actually cut in “Shook Ones,” and THEN the crowd reacted instantly with their hands up in the air (Did you think of the scene from 8 Mile?).


We used to label our DJ sets, “Rare Grooves,” when we just played original records (Vinyl LP’s) that our favorite Hip-Hop producers, and artists sampled from; whether hooks, instruments, and even lyrics. These were some of my favorite DJ moments as I got to play my parents’ records that I grew up on, and share that music with other people. For me, it went beyond looking for props. There was so much time spent, actually listening to countless songs, to find the samples. It was worth it though, because the music was a bridge for generations and cultures, where I was able to connect to people, and build relationships. 


Though music production has changed, and the art of sampling is considered, “a pastime” (maybe because of all the legal issues that come with it), the roots were planted, and you can still hear those elements in a lot of the Hip-Hop that is produced today. So, in this latest episode, I dusted off some of those records, now MP3’s (lol), and put a 90’s style of Hip-Hop DJ mix together, and featured some of those original records from my parents, for the background beats for our conversation about community and fellowship.


What did he say?


"We had a different word for it back then, 'crews;' that was your community.

New Lingo

Crews (kroo):

1. A group of people who share the same ideologies, mindsets, or neighborhoods, linking up to create, build something bigger than themselves and cement their legacies

2. A group of like-minded artists who work closely together to create music and art, and provide support to each other

3. A group of people associated together in a common activity or by common traits or interests

To me, Jazz as a whole is so amazing in its complexity; and classic Hip Hop is a way to see the details of that complexity in simpler repetitive forms...

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Pastor's Perspective
Man Working

When you bring up the issue of “sampling” these days, it’s hard for my mind not to go to the crazy deal with De La Soul. This month – March of 2023 – the Hip Hop community is celebrating the commercial release a HUGE portion of their music catalog. It’s kind of crazy. So much of De La’s music was held captive, and the argument behind that issue was that, their music wasn’t really their music, because they reused, or “sampled” master recordings, and they didn’t get legal permission to do so. The reason that so many are celebrating the re-release of their early catalog, is because the music that De La made was DOPE, regardless of the legal issues behind it!


So, here’s the issue. There’s something cool to be said about “sampling.” When you think about how the Hip Hop genre has made sampling an artform in, and of itself, here’s why. There’s a difference in tone and feel when you can take a sound that was previously recorded one way, and re-purpose it another way, while maintaining the original sonic signature of the loop, or instrument. You can have the same snare, same mic, same room, same channel strip, and same drum sticks as the stuff used for the Billy Jean snare, but it won’t sound the same as what they originally recorded on Michael Jackson’s record. That original sonic signature is special, which is why it can, and should, be used in so many different ways and musical genres. That’s why people use it so much. It makes music better; and the music actually makes that original snare better too.


To me, as a Bible teacher and a pastor, I feel like all of us should be “sampling.” We should all be replaying the original sonic signature of scripture, but in different genres, to reach new ears that wouldn’t have heard the magic otherwise. Now don’t get me wrong. I am NOT advocating that we need to “change with the times” to keep the Bible relevant. The Word of God DOES NOT need changing! My point is actually quite the opposite. De La Soul had issues with their catalog because of copyright infringement. All Christians should have that same accusation against us concerning the contents of scripture. BECAUSE the Word is so amazing, we should all be looking to find ways to use its ORIGINAL sonic signature, authored by the Holy Spirit, to replay the original essence in a new tempo, to a new beat, to maintain its essence while bringing fresh excitement and anticipation to our preaching, teaching, and sharing. 


The funny thing is though, when you buy a sampler, there’s nothing on the pads. You got to put that audio in. So, if we’re going to be “Christian-samplers,” we need to load up also, and be reading the Word!

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Episode 40 Track Lists

Episode 40 - Communityt.jpg
Episode Track Lists

Opening Set

1. Mass Influence: 

A Yo! Atlanta Ya On (Atlanta Ya On EP)

2. Pete Rock:

Think Twice (Lost Sessions)

3. Black Moon:

Who Got Da Props (Enta Da Stage)

4. Artifacts:

Wrong Side Of Da Track (Between A Rock)

5. Mac Miller:

Kool Aid Frozen Pizza (K.I.D.S.)

6. Organized Konfusion:

Black Sunday (The Extinction Agenda)

7. The Pharcyde:

Runnin' (Labcabincalifornia)

8. INI:

Microphonist Wanderlust (Center Attention)

9. Asheru & Blue Black:

Soul (Soon Come...)

10. Blahzay Blahzay:

Danger (Blah Blah Blah)

11. DJ Spinna

7 Extra Large (1997 Beat Tape)

12. The Deli

Put It On (Just The Remixes Vol. 1)

Music Equipment

Background Music

1. George Benson:

Face It Boy It's Over (Shape Of Things To Come)

2. Reuben Wilson:

We're In Love (Set Us Free)

3. Isaac Hayes:

Hung Up On My Baby (Tough Guys)

4. Bob Jamest:

Nautilus (One)

5. Ronnie Laws:

Tidal Wave (Pressure Sensitive)

6. Ronnie Foster:

Mystic Brew (Two Headed Freap)

DJ Booth

Closing Set

1. Summerland:

Soulmate (Naked Music)

2. Gypsy Brown:

Life Is A Trip [Mo' Horizons Restyle] (Agogo)

3. Masters At Work:

New Bell (White Label)

4. Fred Everything:

Good Morning (Naked Music)

5. Sidewinder:

Flight (Naked Music)

6. Name:

Untitled (Grand `ecart)

7. Johnick:

Music Takes You High (Henry Street)

8. Moodena:

All That Jazz (Tropical Disco)

9. The Scrapped Ones:

Close The Door (Coyote Cuts)

10. Jam Funk:

Explicit Bump (Coyote Cuts)

11. Joses:

Watch Me [Angel Ferreri Rex] (Kiko Records)

12. Mark Farina & Homero Espinosa:

Come On Baby (Moulton Records)

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