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Camp Song Mash-ups

Recently, we had the opportunity to serve and come alongside Camp Agape California. Camp Agape is a ministry that hosts a FREE camp for kids, whose lives have been impacted by absentee parents due to incarceration. Initially the camp asked us to be a part of the media team, aiding in videography and photography work, but once they found out we can do a little more…hint, hint “music” they asked us if we would be willing to put together, what would be, the soundtrack for the videos, we would be helping create each day.

Each video was themed along with the biblical instruction that would be provided each day to help the kids learn. A four-day camp, called for three highlight videos, and three song mixes. We figured we’d challenge ourselves in the process. First, we wondered how many electronic music genres and sub-genres we could fit in one 5–7-minute video. Second, we wanted to see if we could add some remix flavor to the theme song the camp had already been using over the last couple of years, to freshen it up a bit. In the end, we got three dope mixes/mash-ups, in all kinds of electronic music genres, two remixes, and of course, we had to feature DJ scratches with our Bible guy that we usually use for the Vibe Times mixes.

So here you go…

Here's the Track List for Mix 1 (Trust & Love)

  1. The Ambassador - Get You Open - The Thesis

  2. The Black Eye Peas - They Don't Want Music (Album Version) - Monkey Business

  3. Shaquille O' Neil - Bounce - Super Friends Vol. 1

  4. Fort Knox Five - Brazilian Hipster - Fractal Forest

  5. Duke Jordan - Night In Tunisia (DJ Jazzy Jeff Remix) - RE-Bop

  6. Ben Hart - The Perfect Love Song - Brickhouse

  7. Seth & Nirva - We Won't Back Down (Bread & Beats Remix) - Camp Agape 2022

Here's the Track List for Mix 2 (Forgiveness)

  1. Seth & Nirva - We Won't Back Down - Single

  2. Set & Nirva - We Won't Back Down (Bread & Beats Remix) - Camp Agape 2022

  3. Flavors - Judder Pop - Westwood

  4. Portrait & KRANE - Saturn - The Sound Of Trapdoor

  5. Cristina Soto - Emergence (Psy Fi Remix) - Freefall

  6. Boombox Cartel - Whisper - Single

Here's the Track List for Mix 3 (Hope & Prayer)

  1. The Bangers - Afterlight - Prism

  2. Audiobot - Flavor - Single

  3. Lecrae - I'm Turnt - Church Clothes 2

  4. Flavors - Kick it - Single

  5. Dev - Lowkey - Remixes

  6. Seth & Nirva - Brother feat. GabReal - Single

  7. Audiobot & Bamiyah - Lies - Single

  8. Jean Tonique - Grooving Machine - Well Mannered Frivolity

  9. JP & SugarBeats - Riding Through The Darkness - Groove City Romance Remixes

  10. Bread & Beats - I Need To Pray - Fresh Vibes Volume 1 (Unreleased)

To check out the full highlight videos that these soundtracks were used for, check out the Camp Agape YouTube Channel:

For more information on Camp Agape, visit

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