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Patio Conversation

We always get a kick out of some of the situations and environments the LORD places us in, where we feel REALLY out of place. It actually happens quite a bit to us.


Recently, some ministry partners invited us to go with them to a meet-and-greet type of deal. It was presented to us as a casual networking event. My first question to B was,

“What’s the dress code?”

Once that was vetted out I figured, I’ll rock my Jordan 1 Lows, and piece the outfit from there. Brandon probably will rock his signature Kangol, and we’ll be good. Upon arrival, our minds were still focused on our attire. Even though this was supposed to be a ministry thing, we really didn’t want to be out of place with a bunch of people in a REALLY nice neighborhood. It’s crazy how that is a thing, right? It didn’t matter. As soon as we walked in, we indeed felt out of place, but it wasn’t because of our clothing…

The host of the event introduced himself and laid out the order of how the evening would rollout. The goal was to let each person have a chance to introduce themselves, and explain a little bit about the ministry/non-profit work they’re involved with. We came across this cool dude named Andre. He dropped some crazy knowledge on us right off the bat. In fact, it was the things that he shared with us, that motivated us to write this article. So check what Andre had to say…

He started sharing his experience with music, but from the perspective as a business professional, working in areas that touch on politics and policy-making. He understood how impactful music was to his generation, to our generation, and of course the younger generation. His overall point was that, mainstream music isn’t good for the mental, physical, and financial health of music fans. He supported that point with an interesting truth. He brought up Ex-President Donald Trump. Y’all remember him right? Remember when his social media channels were shut down mysteriously?


Here was Andre’s point…

If the media and other influential powers can shut down the digital communication of an ex-president of the United States, they should be able to better-regulate the messaging that goes out to the masses through popular music.

How is it that people were okay with Donald Trump getting shut down because of the negative influence of his content on social media; but music that promotes and encourages violence, substance abuse, promiscuity, etc., that’s ultimately targeted towards certain people groups, is left TOTALLY unchecked? Why isn’t that stuff, which is FAR more harmful, shut down by those same powers-that-be? Andre kinda had us thinking a bit…

Look, we know how entertainment choices are generally going to feed into certain ideologies. Music is no exception. Music has a way of stimulating the mind, filling the mind, inspiring the mind, conditioning the mind, and provoking conduct as a result. Why is it we can single one person out as being a danger to the influence of the masses, but not hold others in entertainment, accountable to the same standards? As popular music artists have gained influence over the years, have the individuals that make up “pop culture” seen any improvement in their lives?


When we started this Bread & Beats Music thing, we knew that the music we shared could be helpful to a few folks, and we were cool with that. We’re not trying to become major label artists, social media influencers, chart toppers, or anything like that. We just like sharing Clean Music and Good News. But, after hearing the things Andre had to share, and thinking about his points, we realize that, maybe we should all take this music thing a little more serious; and not just us.

Maybe it’s time that, we as music fans, start holding people accountable. We can’t complain about the condition of life in one facet, but then support and promote the people who are used to perpetuate these problems. We have to acknowledge that, there’s something funny going on when someone like an ex-president gets shut down, but music that encourages selfish, self-empowered, sexually-immoral, fruitless messages in music, go totally unchecked. So then, when it comes to our music choices, maybe we should think a little more about the messages we’re taking in, and spreading around us. Maybe we should consider Andre’s patio presentation a bit. Are we playing music, or is music playing us? Hmm…

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